Galina Sviridova & President Clinton

President Bush & Galina Sviridova

Biden`s office meeting. Tillemann, Tomicah & Galina Sviridova.

Posner & Donahue

Presidents Reagan & Gorbachev

 Presidents Bush & Putin

Mstislav Rastropovich

Michael  Baryshnikov

Kissinger & Lavrov

International Space Station

Ovechkin Alexandr


The Third Century Foundation's mission is to support “face-to-face communication," which is so necessary these days in helping to understand, share and appreciate the World’s many different and vibrant cultures.

The Foundation’s focus is to promote international cultural exchange in the areas of cinema, sports, and fashion. Many events are being planned in the United States and abroad to honor and celebrate cultural activities of the States, Eastern European countries, and Russia. These different events are taking place at the International Monetary Foundation, the World Bank, the Motion Picture Association of America, American Film Institute, as well as at twenty-five U.S. and Eastern European universities.

The Third Century Foundation was established in 1994, at which time it was called The American Foundation for the US-Russian Cultural Relations. During its first year the foundation created a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind project called “Festival of Two Capitals.” Its focus was on Russian films and was well received by the hundreds of attendees in Washington, D.C.

Many distinguished Americans enjoyed this new cultural event while gathering at special VIP Russian Film events at the Kennedy Center, Motion Picture Association of America, World Bank Art Society, International Monetary Foundation and the American Film Institute.

Festival of Two Capitals made a huge impact, creating new relationships in business, culture, and sports between two great countries. It strongly connected the American Foundation for the US-Russian Cultural Relations with the White House and many of the most powerful U.S. government agencies, associations, and private companies.

In 2007, Russia and the U.S. celebrated the bicentennial of their diplomatic relations. To mark this event the American Foundation for US-Russian Culture Relations Russia was renamed as the Third Century Foundation, with its interest in expanding its outreach to Eastern European countries.

Foundation projects and activities:
* Helping the growth of Russian TV channels in the U.S. market;
* Assisting American TV channels to expand in Russia;
* Helping the Russian Embassy build two movie theaters on its premises;
* Implementing educational and film programs for several American universities;
* Celebrating Russian culture and cinema in the U.S. and in Eastern European countries with performing arts programs, concerts, art exhibits, international cinema festivals, and educational programs with the use of films and performing arts;
* Organizing fundraising events for Russian projects in the U.S.;
* Establishing fundraising events for the US cultural projects in Russia;

Pursuing new goals and successes:

The Third Century Foundation with its influential contacts and supporters in many countries is in a very powerful position to continue to improve and expand cultural relationships by creating positive dialogue and organizing celebratory events, which will honor the distinguished representatives of Russia, the Eastern Europe, and the U.S. who made a difference in helping to build valuable connections between countries.

Third Century Foundation is a non-profit organization.