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President & Chair of Third Century Foundation

Galina Sviridova, President &Chair of Third Century Foundation, has been recognized by the US Government, prominent US Government Agencies, US private companies, well known individuals and many national and international organizations for her numerous contributions to the US-Russia relations through cultural events she has organized, TV and radio programs produced, exchanges arranged, her lobbying work and other activities promoting goodwill and understanding between the people of the United States and Russia.

Galina has been one of the post-Cold War pioneers, bringing Russian culture to mass audiences of the heart of the United States - Washington, DC.  Through art exhibitions, film festivals, TV and Radio programs, and cultural events Ms. Sviridova has introduced Russia and its culture to Washingtonians.  Working diligently for the last 20 years she has provided an exciting venue through which people of two of the world’s leading nations have been gaining knowledge and understanding about each other.  

Examples of Galina Sviridova’s projects include the following:

•    Art Exhibitions at the Charles Summer School Museum and Archives;
•    Art Exhibitions and film screenings at the World Bank Art Society;
•    Presentations & film screenings at the Sundance Film Festival;
•    Assistance in several productions of US-Russian full length films;
Her own full-length film “Operation Lucifer” was the first Russian film selected by the Sundance Film Festival and many US TV channels to be awarded and broadcasted in the United States;
•    Support and assistance to Russian TV channels to establish themselves at the US Market;
•    Support and assistance to US TV channels and programs to establish themselves at the Russian Market;
•    Support to numerous Russian film festivals in conjunction with activities of the American Film Institute, the J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the World Bank Art Society, the Motion Picture Association of America, the International Monetary Foundation and many American Universities;
•    Consulting work at the UN Foundation;
•    Consulting work at the TCM and The Life Time US TV Channels
Ms. Sviridova has been working as a Consultant on Russian Affairs with the most distinguished top-ranked government agencies and PR companies based in Washington, D.C, offering her clients diverse and comprehensive strategies designed and implemented to achieve success.
All of those companies are actively helping the Third Century Foundation in its projects and activities.

A summary of Galina Sviridova’s educational degrees includes:

• International Management School, Moscow, Russia     
• Teachers State University, Russia     
• St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia     
• State Music College, Russia



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